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4 min readMy journey into writing

Last updated on 30/04/2019

I know. Who cares right?

Growing up as a missionary is what got me started.

There’s a big part of my life I generally keep to myself. My upbringing is one of them.

Some people think it’s because I am ashamed for some reason. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

I love being who I am. I like how I grew up. But every time I mention something about it, questions start pouring in.

Questions I am very, very tired of answering. Hell, I have default responses for most of them, crafted in such a way that they lead to the least follow-up questions possible.

I’m 25. I’ve been doing this a while.

There are topics that I don’t get into. They aren’t worth my time. So heads up, if you ask something here and don’t get an answer, you know why now.

That said, my upbringing allowed for a very unique view of the world. To start, I was home-schooled. And I cannot imagine having been schooled any other way.

It allowed me to pick my pace, which turned out great for me since I ended up graduating high school two years early. And since I was doing well, I was able to learn a lot of different things.

Cooking is one of my favorites. So is programming and design, which currently keeps me employed and making money.

But most of all, I took up writing.

When I was about four or five my older sister and I would have poem competitions. Writing those little rhymes was what lit the spark in me. But to be honest, I found it to be a lot of hard work, so I turned to the next best thing: reading.

Given our lifestyle, we were always required to read a lot anyway. Aside from daily Bible lessons, in which we read, we had a lot of textbooks from our regular schoolwork as well.

We’d also have English and Portuguese Lit. I’m from Brazil, so we would follow the Brazilian curriculum as well as a US Lit one. So, you know, there was a lot of reading to do.

But that was mandatory. I like to read on my own.

I would (and still do) devour book after book. In the spirit of sibling rivalry, my older sister and I moved on to reading competitions. We measured both speed and understanding.

This went on until we became teenagers. As our rivalries moved on to other things and soured, we stopped this particular one.

But I never stopped reading. I can’t quit the stuff.

I was never an easy child, and when I turned into a teenager that did not get better.

So I would find myself with a lot of grounded-induced free-time.

It came to a point where I wasn’t even allowed to read anything that wasn’t academic. That was because only allowing me to read wasn’t having quite the strong effect hopped. So the next step was removing pleasure reading.

For a while, I lived off of academic literature, which gave me the habit of learning random things. It’s pretty awesome.

But I started to miss my Fantasy novels. My heroes, my villains, the action. So I decided to write my own story.

And that pulled me right back in.

Now, I’m a terrible writer, and I ’ve never actually put the end of any of those stories down on paper. But the love of writing never left me again.

I am trying to write a complete novel, something I’ve never quite managed yet. And it’s hard. A lot harder than writing here on Medium.

Here I get to have validation, which in itself can be a problem as I wrote in this piece.

The Metrics Addiction

But I’ve been following Shaunta Grimes for a few years, and her work has really helped me keep at it.

I love writing on Medium though and figured it could only help. But I’m not very good at knowing what to write.

That’s where Shannon Ashley comes in. Ever since I’ve discovered her I end up reading at least one of her pieces every day. She is a great inspiration to us all.

So here I am. Writing posts that almost no one will read with a novel I’m not quite sure I can finish.

And I love it.

Thanks for reading my story! Have a great day. 🙂

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